Ladder type Cable Ties

Self Locking Cable Ties are designed for strong, durable, corrosion-resistant bundling.

  • Loop Tensile Strength – Upto 2040N (459lbs).
  • Sizes available from 4.6mm to 15mm wide in various lengths.
  • Available in Non-Corrosive, Non-Magnetic SS 304 & SS316 Grade.
  • Polyester Coated Ties are also available.
  • Uncoated Ties Temperature range from (-) 80 deg C to (+) 538 deg C & Coated ties temperature range (-) 40deg C. to (+) 150 deg C (Polyester).
  • Polyester Coating is Halogen Free, Low Smoke,Non-Toxic, Flame Retardant and UV resistant.


  • Cable Bundling to Cable Ways.
  • Bundling of Cables together.
  • Tying Identification tags to cables/ hoses.
  • Light duty clamping etc.
  • Clamping of large Power Cables.

Suitable Tools