Stainless Steel Bands can be used as a better, easy & economical solution for clamping. Normally band clamping is done by tensioning the band using a simple tool and locking with a buckle or clip or seal.

  • Easy & Fast Application.
  • Can be used for different shapes, sizes (confirm to any shape) unlike conventional clamps.
  • High Strength, light weight and yet economical.
  • Corrosion resistant, high temperature and specific application steel grades available i.e. SS201, SS304 & SS316.
  • Unlike welded joints, band clamping can be used on dissimilar materials and non-metals.


  • Hose Clamping.
  • Pole applications such as Sign Boards, Signals, Junction Boxes, CCTV Cameras etc.
  • Insulation Banding.

Area of applications

  • Marine & Shipbuilding
  • Transportation & Traffic
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Power & Telecom
  • Municipal & Utility
  • Subsea & Aerospace
  • Mining & Construction

GRADES Available – SS 201 / SS 304 & S 316

Stainless Steel Grade 201

Commonly used Austenitic Steel Bands having Good Strength & Good Existence to Normal industrial corrosive atmosphere. Standard packing in paperboard boxes.

BAND Stainless Steel Grade 304

Austenitic Stainless Steel Bands having better corrosion resistance to most of the Chemicals and Oxidising agents. Standard packing in paperboard boxes.

BAND Stainless Steel Grade 316

Austenitic Stainless Steel Bands having very good corrosion resistance to salt water, Marine Environments, most of the chemicals and oxidising/reducing agents. Standard packing in paperboard boxes.


Austenitic Stainless Steel Grade 316SS Bands with PVC Coating

PVC Coating Properties

  • Fire Retardant, UV and Weather Resistant, Non Toxic.
  • Resistant to Salt water, Mild Acids / Alkalis, most of the Industrial Chemicals, Detergents, Airborne Pollutants etc. (not good for Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones, and Cyclic Ethers).
  • Moderate to Good Abrasion / Impact resistance and Good dialectical Strength.
  • Coating Melting Temperature 140 deg C.

Bands for Insulation Applications

Available in Jumbo Open reel or Custom Packed 20 Kg to 35 Kg (Mill Edged) for insulation Banding Application. Can be used with Wing Seal Clip or crimping Seals.

Available in Grade SS 304 & 316SS

Note: “X” in Part Coderepresents 4 for 304SS Grade & 6 for 316SS Grade.

Eg: BT4BDUN – 304SS & BT6BDUN 316SS